I hear many advertisements from Real Estate brokers and investors claiming they will buy your home for cash or will guarantee an offer in one day. This whole phenomenon of selling in one day should raise a red flag for any home seller. While this is Southwest Florida and with the number of people moving here, if your home is excellent and is priced correctly it just might sell very quickly, but there is a reason some homes sell “too” fast. When you hear some of the agent ads that sound surprisingly similar to used car ads, it is very likely that a salesperson is going to try to convince you to list your home on the market at a low price just to achieve a fast sale and put that big commission from your home equity right in their bank with as little work involved as possible. An investor advertising to buy your home is not going to pay the full market price. An investor must buy low and sell high, or be in a pretty short-lived business. The supposed real estate experts at Zillow recently learned that simple fact the hard way. If the agent says they will buy your home if they can’t sell it, it’s just the same sales pitch. They will buy it at their price, not yours. Lots of investors would.

When you sign a listing agreement there is a section of the contract called, “Brokerage Relationship”. Dealing “Honestly and Fairly” is number 1 on the list of duties. Number 2 is “Loyalty”. If someone is offering a guarantee to sell or buy your house fast, you need to ask if this person is really being completely honest and fair considering you want the best price for your home. How is that offering you loyalty at all?

High commissions are the way of the past. Say no to high commissions in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and all Southwest Florida by calling Florida Luxury Broker Realty to sell your home.

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