Limited Service Real Estate Brokerages

I am coming across a larger number of homeowners who are using out of town and even out of state “Limited Services” real estate companies and those listing agreements to sell their properties. What I don’t understand is what the benefits of these companies actually are now. I have seen these companies charge a two percent or something similar commission fee, but they really do nothing the homeowner can not do themselves since the homeowners are in fact taking their own calls and having their own showings, and handling the negotiations. If the sellers do land a real buyer, then I’m sure they must be handling the inspections and escrow and managing the contract. If you take away the full duties of the Realtor as Florida Luxury Broker Realty provides then there is really nothing left. If you want to just put your property online, then place it by owner on Zillow.

It is clear that home sellers want a better option than paying an overpriced salesperson an enormous commission for this work. That’s why Florida Luxury Broker Realty was created. We offer all the services, including taking the calls, handling the showings, screening buyers, helping negotiate the offers, and managing the contract and closing for a fair flat fee.

We are not just the future of real estate, truly it is a matter of getting more service for less money.


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