I recently read an article from the National Association of Realtors that stated “There are more agents competing for fewer homes on the market.” That is of course true. Homes are coming on the market less often, which is causing a chain reaction effect where even if a person was prepared to sell; what would they buy? It creates a bit of a conundrum for agents. Plus, here in Florida, there are a constant flow of people into the state and many of whom are real estate agents or have decided to become real estate agents because they hear the market is so “hot”, which is a relative adjective depending on if you can find your buyer a property. There are many young people entering the real estate industry. The last time I checked you basically needed to be 18 years old, have a high school diploma, and not be a felon. I personally love new young agents because I was once the new young agent when I was in my early 20’s and representing a luxury home builder in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I was still one of the younger agents in the business when I started in Fort Myers and Cape Coral real estate 20+ years ago. Being able to answer questions and use my experience to help a new agent is a part of the work I really enjoy, especially when I remember how so many of the established agents back when I was new were less than kind to me. Regardless if they are new or experienced the fact is we are swimming in Realtors in Southwest Florida.

With a few exceptions like my specialization in luxury real estate and waterfront homes, there is very little that separates the work performed by agents. Especially with so much automation and technology in the market making global marketing instantaneous. While it takes training and experience to be able to navigate a successful transaction, a brand new agent can create the same internet exposure as the experienced agent as soon as they put the listing into the MLS.

That is one of the reasons why Florida Luxury Broker Realty was created. We have that authentic work experience in marketing, negotiation, transaction management, but we just pass the savings of our modern workplace on to our sellers. We are different because we are not focused on sales training and recruiting agents. We want to represent home sellers in Florida and we can do it at a better commission rate than any other real estate company, regardless of how many other agents are in the industry. 

Contact Michael directly to learn more about how to literally save thousands of dollars selling your home with Florida Luxury Broker Realty.

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