Cape Coral waterfront home for sale. Southwest Florida Real Estate

You can always tell when the real estate market in Southwest Florida is slowing down. The hardcore ads from the salespeople pick right up. I heard recently a Cape Coral Realtor in an advertisement say that the most difficult problem in home selling is being able to coordinate the move between the home you are selling and your new home. When did that become an issue? Simple negotiations that good Realtors make allow for smooth transitions for buyers and sellers. Then I realized that it was just another advertisement for the investor purchase in home sales. The same as when you get a “Guaranteed Offer” or “If your home doesn’t sell, I’ll buy it” sales pitch. Yes, investors are always out there waiting to buy your home, just not at your price. Realtors and Investors who say they will buy your home are not going to give you your market price. If they were so in love with your home they would just buy it at your price wouldn’t they? Logic and the investment business dictate that they never will. 

The reason I bring this up is one of the real issues people are concerned with in Southwest Florida real estate transactions is working with a person they can trust with their home transaction. If you can’t get a straight offer about how your home will sell in their advertisement, how bad will it be if you actually talk to the person? How do you even know the price a salesperson gives you for your home is the best price? A home is typically most people’s largest investment. That doesn’t mean that you have to be subjected to the gauntlet of hyper-aggressive salespeople all competing for the same job of putting your home up for sale and telling you everything they know you want to hear. Those same salespeople will cling to your home equity as if it is their own and declare their personal branding as the reason for their enormous payday. In the real world, we are all paying more for almost everything in our lives now and absolutely no one appreciates paying high salesperson commissions when they are completely unnecessary. 

At Florida Luxury Broker Realty experience matters, attitude and work ethic matter, ethics and honesty always matter, but we will give you all of this for thousands upon thousands of dollars less when selling your Southwest Florida real estate. That is the straightforward Realtor offer that you can take to the bank. Call Michael Nolan today to sell your property in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Sanibel Island, or anywhere in Southwest Florida at 239-671-7750 or Contact Us on this website.

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