Fort Myers Cape Coral Florida homes for sale

  • The First reason to sell now is our typical Florida real estate busy season for buyers will be ending.
  • Secondly, the home prices were flattening prior to all the global and economic unrest. 
  • Thirdly, inflation and fuel prices are becoming ridiculous which will affect people’s desire to travel.
  • Fourth, Spring will soon be in the air up North and many covid restrictions are being lifted, giving buyers a reason to not move this year. 
  • Builders are adding massive amounts of inventory, as we saw prior to 2008 (minus the Chinese drywall) that will quickly add to our supply of homes for sale.

Our Changing Cape Coral Florida Real Estate Market

We are unfortunately living in a disturbing world right now for several major reasons. Even in our great state of Florida where it seems everyone is moving we are affected by the events overseas in Europe. Gas prices are over $4.00 per gallon already with no sign of slowing increases. This does affect travel plans for many people (although you can’t tell from our traffic sometimes). Covid restrictions are lifting in many places up North and Spring is coming which will let some people pause in their decisions to move here. Home prices were flattening prior to these events. If you are considering selling your Florida real estate, my professional advice is to price your property right and save your commission and office fees by working with us. I saw many people lose their money in roughly 2008 when the real estate market tanked, not to jinx it, but learning from history and watching the global influences on our real estate market right now would be wise. Please contact us right away if you want to sell your property in Southwest Florida. We are here for you. Thank you.

I am also very happy to say that our Board of Realtors is now as of 3/1/2022 enforcing the rule that no property can be excluded from buyers’ searches based on the commission amount to the buyers’ salesperson. Some unprofessional individuals were limiting your ability to see excellent properties because they would not be paid as much as a different property down the street. Our Department of Justice was instrumental in ending this deceitful practice which harmed not only buyers searching for homes but created an anti-trust, commission price-fixing situation in the real estate world. 

This is one of the reasons Florida Luxury Broker Realty was created and you will now notice other “discount brokerages” gaining market share as well. We are very happy for the buying and selling public and we are also very happy to be on the right side of this matter.